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Goodbye Equazen® eye q™, hello Equazen®

Goodbye Equazen® eye q™, hello Equazen®

The formulation we first introduced in 1999 remains exactly the same. Only the name has changed into Equazen®, without its su­ffix eye q™.

As you know, the health benefits of essential fatty acids found in oily fish have been widely studied and are accepted by scientists around the world.

EQUAZEN® is a leading and highly respected brand that promotes neurodevelopment into healthy cognitive function.

This omega and DHA based line of supplements is the best help we can give our brain to empower cognitive performance in every stage of life and in every situation, thanks to its solid scientific evidences in supporting cognition, normal brain function and learning capabilities of children.

Equazen® eye q™ will soon just be called Equazen®.

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